The application that makes your renting cars easier


Short Introduction

Movic is an app that made for make you make it easy to rent a car for all your needs! Car Rental with Driver, Unlock Car Rental, Airport Return/Leave, All in Movic!

Project Goals

  1. Rewrite backend system from java monolith to Microservices
  2. Rewrite mobile application from native to react-native
  3. Support issue in production

What I've done

  1. Diagnosed and solved 124 issues in production within one month and managed to make 0% downtime for two months
  2. Streamlined the search time from 3.6s to 900ms by changing the query algorithms on the system flow
  3. Rebuilt feature stock management which resulted in 0% bugs in feature stock for three months
  4. improvised the algorithm on the loading splash screen, which made the loading time decreased from 7 seconds to 2 seconds.


TypeScript, git, NodeJS, KnexJS, NestJS, PostgreSQL, MySQL